Canon 5D Mark III: Early Feedback Very Promising

From largely unsubstantiated rumors, to highly credible leaks, to last night's big announcement; the internet has been ablaze with information about the release of the Canon 5D Mark III, successor to the darling-of-many 5D Mark II. While reactions from the masses on the now-known reality of the 5D3 vary wildly, early feedback from those who've hand hands on time with the camera are very promising.

Canon 5D Mark III ISO 25600 Sample sample at ISO 25600. Full samples here.

Long time Canon shooter and world famous wedding photographer Jeff Ascough has been singing the 5D Mark III's praises in his review of the pre-production 5D3 he's had the privilege of working with recently. While this may not come as a surprise to many, Jeff's language pulls no punches. According to Ascough, "it is in [his] opinion just about as perfect a camera as you will ever handle."

Ascough goes on to say that he is "very pleased that Canon didn’t decide to massively increase the resolution," a sentiment echoed by many others out there in response to claims that Canon should have competed more directly with the Nikon D800's 36MP. Ascough indicates that to his eye, Canon has achieved a 2-stop improvement in high ISO/low light performance and raves about the overall image quality, stating that the "5D Mark II has always had the best image quality out there from a DSLR, and now it is even better."

Ascough offers a particularly strong endorsement, even considering it is coming from an ardent Canon supporter. has also released a set of samples from a high-ISO studio test, shot by photographer Andy Westlake. This studio test was design to "[provide] a stern test of the camera's sensor" by shooting under difficult low level halogen lighting conditions. The results are encouraging. ISO 3200 samples are exceptionally clean and even the ISO 25600 samples are clean, bookending the standard ISO range of the 5D3. Many have even expressed a great deal of satisfaction with the 104200 sample.

General tech blog Gizmodo also raved about the Canon 5D Mark III's high ISO performance, stating that "during our hands-on review of the Mark II we found we could push its ISO all the way to 6400 with negligible noise in dark conditions. Being able to actually push a camera's ISO limits with usable results was mind-blowing."

Stay tuned for more info as more lucky reviewers photographers get their hands on the 5D3. So far, things sound promising.

Retailers are already reporting very high demand for the Canon 5D Mk III. Many retailers continue to accept pre-orders are urge customers who are itching to get their hands on the 5D3 soon (expected at the end of March) to pre-order as early as possible. Below is a list of retailers currently accepting pre-orders for the 5D Mark III.

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