Donate Used Equipment to Cameras for Conservation

If you're looking to do something with your old digital camera besides let it collect dust, there are wildlife researchers who could put it to good use! Your tax-deductible donation will provide much-needed equipment for scientists and photographers studying biodiversity in impoverished regions of Cameroon, Ecuador and Mexico.

Cameras for Conservation donate old equipment

The program, titled Cameras for Conservation, is directed by the nonprofit ecology group Reptile & Amphibian Ecology International (RAEI). Biologists working in the field depend on photography to record the diversity of plants and animals in areas threatened by deforestation. Often many new species are discovered by local scientists, guides and residents.

The RAEI mission is to discover, document and save the diversity of life, with an emphasis on reptiles and amphibians. This knowledge can only be effectively documented with the right equipment. Those in the field must also have the right training so they can share their research and help formulate long-term conservation strategies.

RAEI can find a useful home for a variety of used photographic and electronic items:

- GPS Units: Any
- Camera Bodies: DSLR and point and shoot bodies of any brand with 8 megapixels or more
- Camera Lenses: Any brand, any type, auto focus
- Flashes: Any
- Lens Filters: Any unscratched
- HD Video cameras
- Memory Cards: SD Memory, 4GB and higher
- Notebook computers: Any with 160GB+ Hard drive
- Portable hard drives
- Palm, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry Devices: Any less than five years old
- Sound recording equipment

In case you have a few snake hooks sitting in your closet, Cameras for Conservation also accepts the following:

- Snake hooks, tongs, and other animal-handling equipment
- Callipers, scales
- Water filters
- LED Headlamps and flashlights
- Binoculars: Please check with RAEI before sending

[ More information at Reptile & Amphibian Ecology International ]

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