Hasselblad H4D and H5D Medium Format DSLR Cameras Now in Stock

Hasselblad's new lineup of medium format DSLR cameras are now in stock at a few retailers. The H4D and H5D are geared towards serious professionals looking for an edge in today’s crowded marketplace. The H4D is available in 40MP, 50MP, 60MP and 200MS models. The H4D is also available in a limited edition stainless steel model and a limited edition Ferrari model. The H4D cameras feature a 36.7 x 49.1mm CCD sensor, 3.0" 24-bit color LCD, True Focus and Absolute Position Lock. All H4D models are also compatible with H-System components.


The H5D features a 32.9 x 43.8mm CCD sensor, more accurate focusing with True Focus II, immediate focus confirm and an updated graphics UI. The H5D also comes in 40MP, 50MP, 60MP and 200MS models, but no limited editions. Both the H4D and H5D are also available as kits with 80mm f/2.8 HC AF lenses. The H4D ships with Phocus software and the H5D ships with both Phocus and Lightroom 4 software.

Pricing for the H4D cameras start at $16,000 and the H5D models start at $18.000. Check the chart below for a complete list of prices and retailers.

Update: Be sure to check both B&H and Adorama, some models are listed as "in stock" and some "pre-order".

Update: I forgot to mention the H4D-31 with 80mm f/2.8 HC Lens ($13,995) and H4D-31 with 35-90mm f/4.0-5.6 HCD Lens ($15,995).

Product Merchant Price
H4D-40 (Body Only) B&H $15,999
H4D-40 (Body Only) Adorama $15,999
H4D-40 w/ 80mm Lens B&H $17,995
H4D-40 w/ 80mm Lens Adorama $17,995
H4D-50 (Body Only) B&H $22,995
H4D-50 (Body Only) Adorama $22,995
H4D-50 w/ 80mm Lens B&H $24,995
H4D-50 w/ 80mm Lens Adorama $24,995
H4D-60 (Body Only) B&H $30,995
H4D-60 (Body Only) Adorama $30,995
H4D-60 w/ 80mm Lens B&H $32,995
H4D-60 w/ 80mm Lens Adorama $32,995
H4D-200MS (Body Only) B&H $35,995
H4D-200MS (Body Only) Adorama $35,995
H5D-40 (Body Only) B&H $17,995
H5D-40 (Body Only) Adorama $17,995
H5D-40 w/ 80mm Lens B&H $19,995
H5D-40 w/ 80mm Lens Adorama $19,995
H5D-50 (Body Only) B&H $26,995
H5D-50 (Body Only) Adorama $26,995
H5D-50 w/ 80mm Lens B&H $28,995
H5D-50 w/ 80mm Lens Adorama $26.995
H5D-60 (Body Only) B&H $39,995
H5D-60 (Body Only) Adorama $39,995
H5D-60 w/ 80mm Lens B&H $41,995
H5D-60 w/ 80mm Lens Adorama $41,995
H5D-200MS (Body Only) B&H $42,995
H5D-200MS (Body Only) Adorama $42,995
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