iPhone 5 Camera Dock: The Apple iCam

Maybe the Apple iCam already exists somewhere in a parallel universe, but here and now we're stuck with the concept renderings. The idea comes from ADR Studio, an Italian design outfit with a penchant for dreaming up fantastic Apple products that don't yet exist. The iCam takes the words "iPhone Accessory" to a whole new level.

iPhone camera accessory concept iCam 1

First off, ADR took some liberties and forecast the next generation iPhone with a thinner profile, larger screen and oval home button. Whether or not the iPhone 5 looks like this, an iCam model compatible with the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S would have a similar form factor.

Sure, iOS 5 made it possible to use the up volume button to snap photos. The iCam takes things to a whole other level and involves a complete camera body with its own Apple-style home button. Interchangeable lenses and a massive image sensor (ok, while we're dreaming might as well reach for the sky) are enclosed in an all-aluminum chassis that docks directly to the iPhone.

iPhone camera accessory concept iCam 2

When docked, the iPhone 5 automatically runs a special app that acts as the brains of the iCam, and provides information and touch screen buttons to help control the next exposure. Images are stored directly on the iPhone camera roll and can be shared instantly thanks to the iPhone's Wi-Fi or LTE 4G connection.

Of course, the App Store would offer third party apps compatible with the iCam for all kinds of specialized applications. ADR envisions the Apple iCam sporting a front-facing display as well as a pico projector to display images to the entire room. iCam could be an incredible entry into the digital camera market, however since owning an iPhone 5 would be a prerequisite for purchase this might limit its appeal.

The iCam will launch never at a suggested retail price of you only wish.

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