Leica M10 to Have Black and White Sensor?

Invites for Leica's Berlin camera announcement on May 10 have gone out, and information about the upcoming camera has surfaced. For one, the next M series camera is likely to be named the M10. Leica chose to announce the M9 on September 9, 2009 so the May 10 date could be telling.

Leica event invite May 10 2012

The big news however is a rumor that Leica could release the new camera designed entirely to take black and white digital photos. According to sources at Leica Rumors the rangefinder would also not include an LCD screen for previewing images on the camera.

The invite itself shows a black and white photograph along with the following text:

Leica celebrates the essentials of photography! We invite you to exclusively experience a whole range of product launches in a culturally and photographically unique atmosphere on 10-11 May 2012 in Berlin.

Apparently Kodak is not the manufacturer of the M10 image sensor, and Leica could be launching the black and white model as a special edition. Digital back maker PhaseOne already produces achromatic backs for high-end digital photography in black and white. As they explain it, the process of getting excellent black and white prints from a color image is difficult. Shooting in black and white directly provides extreme accuracy and higher resolution to boot.

No doubt the next Leica will share a classic design with the other M series rangefinders. The camera will also command a high price, as the M9 currently retails for $7,000.

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