New Canon 5D Mark III and 1Ds Mark IV Rumors Surface

As the rumor mill churns, every month or so a new set of rumors on the Canon 5D Mark III and the 1Ds Mark IV usually end up surfacing. Often, these rumors are immediately dismissed as junk, but over the last few days a couple of new rumors regarding the specifications of these two pending cameras have turned up that are receiving a bit of attention.

Canon 5d mark III

The first rumor to surface, and the likely more credible of the two was in regards to only the Canon 1Ds4. The rumor indicates the 1Ds Mk IV will, as previously rumored, be the result of Canon merging the 1D and 1Ds lines and will offer 32 MP sensor, Digic V, 10fps shooting. The rumor also indicates a release date of April 2012 and states that prototype bodies are already in the hands of a select number of Canon professionals.

The second rumor seems to be getting circulation mostly due to its over-the-top nature. This is counter-intuitive, as these rumors usually are the first to get dismissed, so it seems worth mentioning. This rumor has the 1Ds Mark IV packing a whopping 54 MP sensor with no low-pass filtering, Digic V, 1D Mark IV auto focus, 16-bit raw files and 14 stops of dynamic range.

According to this same source, the 5D Mark III is said to pack pro-grade auto focus, 24 MP, 6 fps shooting, Digic V and is said to have ISO performance 2 stops improved over the 5D Mark II (which is saying a lot). It also suggests that the 5D3 will come in a more compact body and offer closer to pro-grade weather sealing.

There is, of course, no confirmation on any of this material.

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