Olympus OM-D Camera: Leaked Photo Revealed

We've already heard that the Olympus OM-D camera is scheduled for an official announcement on February 8th. More information on specifications and a photo of the OM-D shutter release button have leaked out ahead of the official Olympus event. The photo is shown below and is the first of its kind to be revealed by 4/3 Rumors.

Olympus OM-D preview leak

Although only a small portion of the OM-D is visible, it looks to be finished well. The model pictured is black, however Olympus is expected to follow the trend of retro styling seen in other cameras such as the Fujifilm X-Pro1. This would be a fitting tribute to the long line of Olympus OM film cameras.

The launch of the OM-D will follow the company's previous Micro Four Thirds offerings including the Olympus PEN series of digital cameras. Pricing on the OM-D is rumored to start at $1,100. Many specifications details of the OM-D have been confirmed by 4/3 Rumors.

Retro styling in silver or black will accompany a weather-sealed magnesium body weighing in at 13.2 ounces. ISO sensitivity ranges from 200 to 25,600 equivalent and the 16 megapixel image sensor will be optimized for High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography. The rear display features a 3-inch, 610k-pixel OLED tilting screen. Not only this, but the OM-D has a built in electronic viewfinder clocking 1.44 million dot resolution.

Image stabilization will be accomplished with a five-axis stabilizer built into the OM-D, and the camera will feature FAST AF and 3D tracking. Olympus filed a trademark for the OM-D name with the US Patent Office earlier this year and took out a full page ad in Amateur Photographer magazine. The OM-D could sell as a kit with a 12-50mm zoom lens, and more interchangeable lenses will be made available.

Now the Olympus web site even has a teaser on the front page stating, "Coming Soon, The Beginning of the New." The OM-D announcement is already less than three weeks away.

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