Olympus OM-D to Launch on February 8th

Olympus is planning a mirrorless digital update for its OM line of cameras, the last of which was named the OM-2000. The successor is said to be the OM-D and will be announced by Olympus on Wednesday, February 8th according to a report by 4/3 Rumors.

Olympus OM-D Camera

The latest in a long line of OM classics, including the OM-1, OM-4 and OM-10 among others will be a mirrorless Micro Four Thirds camera with the same impeccable retro styling. The difference is that the OM-D will be packed with the latest digital technology inside the chassis.

Despite rumblings of Olympus selling its camera division due to a corporate scandal, the company continues to produce digital cameras including several new models announced at CES 2012. The launch of the OM-D would follow the company's previous Micro Four Thirds offerings including the Olympus PEN series of digital cameras.

The move by Olympus to resurrect the OM line styling will be a direct challenge to Fujifilm's vintage-looking camera models including the recently revealed X-Pro1. This new addition to the Fujifilm X-Mount series of mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras will ship in February.

When it comes to the OM-D, expect an integrated viewfinder along with a weather sealed body when the camera is announced on February 8th. Olympus filed a trademark for the OM-D name with the US Patent Office earlier this month and ran a full page advertisement in Amateur Photographer magazine. The OM-D could sell as a kit with a 12-50mm zoom lens, however pricing has not been leaked.

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