Phase One IQ Series Digital Camera Backs Hit 80MP

Phase One has announced a new line of top-notch medium format camera backs, the IQ Series. The highest end sensor on the IQ180 sports an incredible 80 megapixels. The other two camera backs in the lineup, the IQ160 and IQ140 clock in at 60.5 and 40 megapixels respectively.

Phase One IQ Series Camera Back

The IQ Series backs feature 3.2 inch high resolution touch screen displays with 290 pixels per inch and 16 million colors for image validation. Tethered capture transfer rates are blazing with Firewire 800 and USB3 connections. The IQ180 memory card interface transfers data faster than any current memory cards on the market.

Focus Mask provides a colored semi-transparent mask over those parts of the image preview that are in focus, making focus validation a snap. The IQ180 also features Sensor+ technology, which allows for customization and faster shooting at 20MP with a maximum ISO of 3200.

Phase One IQ Series camera backs are 100% machined aircraft grade aluminum with black chrome finish for durability. Display glass is scratch resistant and all connections and ports are automatically retracting or include rubber covers for protection. Of course, to use these units a medium format camera body and lens is required. The IQ Series includes compatibility improvements specifically for Phase One's own 645DF camera body.

Sinar, Pentax, Leaf Systems, Hasselblad and Phase One partner Mamiya all carry medium format offerings in this premium segment of the digital camera market. These professional camera setups are favored by those who require extreme detail, such as fashion and jewelry photographers in the industry.

All those megapixels come at a price. Phase One's newest digital camera backs will be available in May 2011 starting at $21,990.

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