Sony WhiteMagic Doubles Display Brightness

Upcoming digital cameras may include the WhiteMagic label if Sony succeeds at marketing its new OEM display module. The technology promises to increase brightness outdoors while reducing power consumption by half when in normal indoor mode. So what makes the WhiteMagic LCD panel different?

Sony WhiteMagic LCD module

Sony has added a white pixel to the standard red, green, blue (RGB) configuration. This RGBW panel is capable of generating a brighter display, which is why low-power mode still produces an image of similar brightness to a conventional LCD. Introducing a white pixel is not without its problems.

RGBW displays are prone to image deterioration due to this configuration of pixels, however Sony's WhiteMagic has solved this problem and added the low-power mode using proprietary algorithms. Input picture data is analyzed and processed to ensure a crisp, clear display at any brightness. Even at full brightness the LCD uses power at a clip similar to standard display modules.

When it comes to specifications the resolution of WhiteMagic is VGA (640 x 480 pixel resolution) with a contrast ratio of 1:1000. This means with RGBW the screen makes for a 1.23 million-dot display. Size is three inches and the polysilicone TFT LCD has a viewing angle of 160 degrees.

Time will tell if Sony has a hit on its hands. If so, expect larger and higher resolution screens using the technology. Anything that makes displays brighter and saves power is a plus for mobile devices. WhiteMagic debuts in October at an approximate cost of $65 per unit including taxes.

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