Digital Backs

Mamiya Leaf Credo Digital Backs are Here

Mamiya Leaf now offers the Credo medium format digital back. The Credo comes in three different flavors: 80, 60 and 40 megapixels. All three backs in the series sport a 1.15 megapixel touchscreen display, with 16 million colors and a touch sensitive area surrounding the display area.

Mamiya Leaf Credo back

Dual core processors maximize processing time. When utilized with the Mamiya 645DF body, Credo provides shutter speeds up to 1/4000 of a second and a flash sync of 1/1600. Of course, these backs can be used on other medium format bodies including models from Hasselblad and Phase One, and with others using an adaptor.

Phase One IQ Series Digital Camera Backs Hit 80MP

Phase One has announced a new line of top-notch medium format camera backs, the IQ Series. The highest end sensor on the IQ180 sports an incredible 80 megapixels. The other two camera backs in the lineup, the IQ160 and IQ140 clock in at 60.5 and 40 megapixels respectively.

Phase One IQ Series Camera Back

The IQ Series backs feature 3.2 inch high resolution touch screen displays with 290 pixels per inch and 16 million colors for image validation. Tethered capture transfer rates are blazing with Firewire 800 and USB3 connections. The IQ180 memory card interface transfers data faster than any current memory cards on the market.