Nikon D800

New Nikon D800 Pictures and Specs Leaked?

Is this a picture of the highly-anticipated Nikon D800? According to Nikon Rumors it is. The camera is rumored to feature an impressive 36 megapixel sensor capable of 7360 × 4912 resolution, CF+SD memory card slots, USB 3.0, a slightly larger display, and it's supposed to be smaller and lighter than the Nikon D700.

Nikon D800 Leak

Newly leaked specs suggest an improved AF, 1080p (30/25/24) video recording, 100% viewfinder coverage and face recognition. The estimated price for the kit is $3,900.

Severe Flooding Delays Nikon D800 Reveal

Massive floods in Thailand have submerged many industrial sites, including the Bangkadi Industrial Estate, which is home to Sony and Toshiba. Thailand produces 40 percent of global hard drive supplies, second only to China, and digital camera manufacturers are also looking at production bottlenecks until the factories can be rehabilitated over at least the next three months.

Nikon D700 DSLR body

The Sony plant is of special concern to those waiting for a replacement for the Nikon D700 digital SLR. The D800 announcement was expected on October 26 according to Nikon Rumors but it looks as if production is delayed due to the disaster. It's not entirely clear if the 36 megapixel image sensor for the D800 is manufactured by Sony, but Nikon probably needs other components produced in Thailand for assembly of the camera in Japan.

Nikon D800 Release Date, Specs Leaked

For those who were surprised by the 10 megapixel image sensor on the recently announced Nikon V1, specs on the upcoming Nikon D700 replacement will not disappoint. Japanese site Digital Camera Info reports this next generation DSLR will be named the D800 and sport a whopping 36 megapixel sensor.

Nikon D700 replaced by D800

Sources expect the camera to be announced on October 26 with the D800 release date set for November 24. Nikon Rumors has verified with 99 percent confidence that the D800 name and 36 megapixel sensor resolution are accurate, and the site expects an announcement on the camera within 30-60 days.