Retro Cameras

Would You Use a Digital Camera With No Display?

What if your digital camera had no display? Some would call this simply an analog film camera. Brian Matanda has created a concept digital camera called Timeless Capture to bring us back to the old way of snapping images.

Timeless Capture concept camera

Not only does the camera lack a display, but the concept is designed specifically with small storage space. To "develop" and view the photos you must bring the camera close to the frame to wirelessly transfer the images.

Olympus OM-D E-M5 Now Available for Pre-Order

After several leaks and rumors the Olympus OM-D E-M5 is finally here. The Micro Four Thirds entry takes design cues entirely from its predecessors starting with the OM-1 35mm SLR launched in 1972. The sealed magnesium alloy body will be available in black and silver and is packed with improvements over the PEN model line.

Olympus OM-D E-M5 Silver Front

Highlights include a 16.1 megapixel Live MOS image sensor along with what Olympus claims is the world's fastest auto focus system. Not only this, but the company has built the first five-axis image stabilization system into the E-M5 for still and video recording. An electronic viewfinder with 1.44 million dot resolution and a 3-inch, 610k-pixel OLED tilting display are also part of the package.

Olympus OM-D Camera: Leaked Photo Revealed

We've already heard that the Olympus OM-D camera is scheduled for an official announcement on February 8th. More information on specifications and a photo of the OM-D shutter release button have leaked out ahead of the official Olympus event. The photo is shown below and is the first of its kind to be revealed by 4/3 Rumors.

Olympus OM-D preview leak

Although only a small portion of the OM-D is visible, it looks to be finished well. The model pictured is black, however Olympus is expected to follow the trend of retro styling seen in other cameras such as the Fujifilm X-Pro1. This would be a fitting tribute to the long line of Olympus OM film cameras.

Olympus OM-D to Launch on February 8th

Olympus is planning a mirrorless digital update for its OM line of cameras, the last of which was named the OM-2000. The successor is said to be the OM-D and will be announced by Olympus on Wednesday, February 8th according to a report by 4/3 Rumors.

Olympus OM-D Camera

The latest in a long line of OM classics, including the OM-1, OM-4 and OM-10 among others will be a mirrorless Micro Four Thirds camera with the same impeccable retro styling. The difference is that the OM-D will be packed with the latest digital technology inside the chassis.

Fuuvi Bee Digital Camera Brings Back the 8mm Look

If you want to disguise your digital camera as a retro 8mm film camera then the Fuuvi Bee has you covered. Of course this toy-style camera is much smaller than an actual film camera, clocking in at under 1.4 ounces. The Bee is ultra-portable with an included wrist strap.

Fuuvi Bee retro camera 8mm

Images and video from the camera have a naturally retro look thanks to its low resolution. Video is 640 x 480 at 30 frames per second, while stills are 1280 x 960 pixels with a 1.3 megapixel CMOS sensor. Shutter speeds from 1/6 second up to 1/2500 are listed in the specs.

Fujifilm X10: High Tech Camera with Retro Looks

The latest digital camera offering from Fujifilm may look like an old-fashioned rangefinder, but the X10 is packed with high-tech features. First off this compact, all-metal chassis contains a large 2/3-inch EXR CMOS sensor at 12 megapixels.

Fujifilm X10 compact digital camera

Scenes can be framed with either the optical viewfinder or a 2.8-inch, 460k dot LCD display on the back of the X10. In another retro touch, the 4X optical zoom (28-112mm equivalent) is operated with a manual zoom ring around the lens. In fact, the camera is turned on by simply turning the lens for faster shooting.