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Vision Research Unveils Phantom Flex4K Cinema Camera

Vision Research officially unveiled the Phantom Flex4K cinema camera at NAB this weekend. The $110k camera is capable of shooting 1,000 fps in 4k, giving you more than three-minutes of 4k video when played back at 24 fps. The Phantom Flex4K is also compatible with the new Phantom Cinemag IV memory cartridge, which will be available in up to 2TB of data. This will allow you to shoot around two-hours of uncompressed RAW material.

Black Magic Micro Four Thirds

The Phantom Flex4K features a Super-35 CMOS sensor, 4096×2304 (16:9) resolution, 12+ stops of dynamic range, a Bluetooth transmitter, handheld Phantom RCU, HD-SDI video output, and a simple menu display/interface. The cinema camera will also be available in multiple lens mounts -- PL, PV, Nikon F/G & Canon EF. Check out the first-look video below.

Latest Phantom Camera Hits One Million Frames Per Second

That's not a typo. Vision Research has announced the Phantom v1610, billed as the fastest digital high-speed camera in the world. For fans of slow motion video the v1610 brings frames per second (fps) to a whole new level.

Phantom v1610 Vision Research

When shooting at full resolution (1280 x 800 pixels) the Phantom v1610 captures an overwhelming 16,000 fps. Drop down the resolution of the imagery and it's possible to clock 650,000 fps or up to one million fps with FAST mode enabled. Fast seems to be an understatement when recording 1,000,000 images every passing second.